Thursday, August 22, 2013

Missing Wedding Band

I am going to get a little personal here...I am newly married. I have found the love of my life and look forward to being with him forever and all that mushy stuff.
Lets talk about our wedding. We had a beautiful backyard wedding with the grand total of about 20 people in attendance. Afterwords we went to a family friends lake house, took a ride on a pontoon boat, had a shrimp boil and then got in the car and went for a 6 day long road trip that lead us all the way to New Orleans. It was perfect.
After doing a lot of research and being thrifty, we had decided to purchase my husbands wedding band (tungsten carbide) online. It was the right move for us, and it turned out great. I also knew that this person,  who  again is the love of my life, is also sometimes just plain forgetful and absent minded. Therefore, I should of not of been too mad when he lost his ring AFTER THREE WEEKS OF BEING MARRIED. I may of overreacted, and I may of been a bit untactful on how I dealt with this lost because deep down (okay- not that deep down was more of a fact) I knew that this was going to happen- which is why we got the ring online at a fraction of the cost of what it would cost at the jeweler . So after being very dramatic and maybe a tiny bit crazy- we finally re-ordered a new ring and he has promised, for the sake of not having to deal with me again on this issue, to not lose this ring.
This got me thinking about what IF we had a gotten the really expensive ring? What if it was my ring that went missing? There is an app for tracking your missing iPhone, why can't there be one for your ring...or is there already?  I decided to do some research and found out that the idea has been thought about before, but not for absent minded husbands who takes it off before bed or working out- but more for the husband who has a wandering eye and sometimes ends up with another person that is not their significant other. I also learned that if there was a GPS device in the ring, it would have to be battery powered and in my case, my husband can't even remember to change a light bulb, let alone a battery unless it is for the t.v. remote. So, fine..this isn't going to work now or until someone makes a solar powered, affordable, gps tracking ring. When they do, I will be the first one to get it for my husband (who I trust completely in all aspects except for remembering where he puts things).

While I was doing my research I found a lot more fun rings that people have created. One of my favorites was this one:
Glowing engagement ring
It is a special engagement ring that glows when her fiance' is near.It is so quirky that it's awesome. You can read the article on this ring here.

Anyone else know of some interesting non-traditional rings out there?

Friday, August 16, 2013


Oh the mighty wedding cake.
I like cake just as much as the next person. I also love cupcakes, cake pops, candy tables...basically if you just take a bag of sugar and pour it down my mouth, I'll be happy. 
Now- there are many people who do not participate in the traditional cutting of a cake for their wedding, and to each their own. However, if a bride and groom are going to spend a good chunk of change on a cake, I like to make sure that it can be showcased before the caterers take the cake back to get it ready for dessert service. What I have found is that there seems to be a trend of lace on cakes for this year. I am just in awe as I look at these highly decorated and extraordinary cake! Lace detail can NOT be easy- but it looks so elegant.  

Another trend that I have been seeing is to have more than one cake. I guess, if one is good, three must be great! A lot of times a bride and groom will have a sheet cake in the back for the caterers to cut to help with cost. This would eliminate that and the guest would be able to see exactly what is going to be cut and put in front of them. It also gives a really nice presentation. 
Photo Credit: Courtesy of Martha Stewart
Cupcakes have made a comeback too- but these little hand held pieces of goodness will be saved for another post. I need to go get some good old fashion butter cream frosting after looking at all these delicious cakes. 

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Milwaukee is #4 for Best Cities for a Happy Marriage!

So today, as I was doing my usual browsing on I came across an article that was titled 10 Best Cities for a Happy Marriage and of curiosity got to me so I clicked on it. I am happy to announce that Milwaukee was #4 on this list :-) You can check out the article by clicking here.
Watch out Milwaukee- we are going to be known for something else other than, beer, cheese and football (not that any of those are bad).
A Happy Marriage starts with a Happy Wedding and a Happy Wedding can easily be done with many of our amazing wedding vendors in the area. I have stressed this before, but it is so important to trust your professionals when it comes to weddings and their craft. All of your wedding vendors want your event to be wonderful because it is also a reflection on them. We also know that word of mouth is the best marketing out there, so if your D.J., Caterer, Photographer etc... was awesome please tell your friends!
There are also a lot of resources out there directly for Milwaukee weddings. My favorite is the website Started and created by local Milwaukeeans themselves, these guys have built relationships with vendors and have gone all over Milwaukee to make a website especially for weddings in Milwaukee. I will not be offended if you click off of this blog right now and go to their site. In fact- here it is again that you have checked it out you may have seen something about a bridal marketing night. Do not fear as you may have missed the last one, there are many more in the future. This is a whole new way of visiting a "bridal show" and...there is booze involved :-) Instead of having booths of vendors and brides and grooms going to each booth, basically Married In Milwaukee puts everyone in a room and lets them mingle and network. This way, a bride and groom can see their vendor in a more natural habitat. It's pretty fun. Make sure to sign up for their newsletter so you can go to the next one.
Well, there you have it- a recipe for a happy marriage in Milwaukee! Just beware that this article also says that Milwaukee ranks first in "Best Cities for Sleep."  Happy Marriage I understand but "Best City for Sleep"  I am skeptical of, because the authors/researchers are clearly not living on the same street I am...

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Photo Bombs

Photo Bombs...

Let's admit it- they are funny when they aren't happening to you on your wedding day. 

So- have a good laugh and check out these pictures !

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Wedding Dresses Throughout the Ages

I recently went out of my comfort zone and bought my first animal print dress. To probably 99% of the world, it is no big deal...but it got me thinking about fashion and blasts from the pasts. My last "out of my comfort zone" purchase was a "high low" dress...the dress that has a higher hem in the front (to the knee) and then in the back goes down to past the ankles. I wondered if this "high low" dress was a new idea or if it has been done before. Then I started thinking of wedding gowns for some odd reasons and wanted to see the what the trends have been and how in 2013 we have gone from:
1933:  Actress Ann Todd models her wedding gown. Designed and made by Helene Galin it is of w
to this:
2010: From Chloe Dao's bridal collection
After doing some research and finding this great website. I was stunned to see so many fashions that have come back around. For example, her is the more tasteful "high low" wedding dress:
1928: American actor John Barrymore with his wife Dolores Costello  

And then - I feel like I have seen this on some recent celebrities:
1971:  Mick Jagger and his new wife Bianca.

..and then I see that ...sigh...there have even been years that may need to be erased:
2003-2004: A model presents a wedding dress by German fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld

So, from buying an animal skin  dress- to a "high low" dress, I have realized that fashion really does just keep on circling around! Click Here to check out this great website and see all the dresses throughout the years!

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Vintage Wedding Love

In the wedding industry we (as vendors) hear the word "vintage" alot. Like, alot alot. I don't blame those who want to have some vintage flair incorporated in their wedding, because, lets be honest- it's pretty darn great!.

So how does one incorporate vintage flair into their wedding?
It could be in the way of some antique jewelry such as these beauties.
Vintage Wedding Jewelry
 Other people like to bring in old windows and doors and use them as props. Now, if you just don't happen to have a nice vintage looking table, door, or prop around the house- have no fear- the people at A La Crate  Vintage Rentals have you covered!

Browsing their website is a lot of fun. There are so many cool things that could make such a statement at your wedding. For example, this vintage suitcase is so beautiful and would be a great card box on the gift table:
Photo Credit: Dodge Creative
They have a warehouse full of props and even do custom writing on chalkboard signs!

If you ware looking for a splash of vintage or antique for your day, check out their website and prepare to be amazed! 

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Chair Decoration

LOVE THESE CHAIR TIES! I also love that they are on black chairs, but a with different colors they could look good on almost any chair! 

Thank you Pintrest!